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Mix Selection of Cold Meat 18€

Galician Cecina (beef ham cured 24 months) 16€

Filet Carpaccio with seasonal truffle and cured Parmesan 23€

Semi-cooked Beef Carpaccio façon du chef 20€

Beef Tartare Lucky You 18€

Beef Nigiri Capricho Oro (3pcs) 12€

Cantabrian Anchovies 15€

Fish of the Day Tartare 20€

Carpaccio of red shrimp and Oscietre Caviar 27€

Oyster Gillardeau (6/12) 24€ / 42€

Lucky You Fish Soup 49€

Lobster Salad 36€

Burrata with Artichoke and Truffle 18€

Quinoa Salad 14€

Caesar Salad 15€

Lobster Spaghetti 38€

Dry Aged Beef Truffle Raviolis 25€

Risotto of the Day 20€

Grilled Octopus with Potatoes cream 20€

Fish of the Day Grilled with Seasonal Vegetables 28€

Fried Fritta Margherita 16€

Fried Pizza with Crescenza Cheese and Truffle 25€

Fried Pizza with Anchovies from Cantabrian 20€

Lucky You Burger 20€

Fish Market Burger 20€

Lucky You Ceviche 15€


We use a unique process for the cooking of meat.
It is seared in our oven at extremely high temperatures of up to 1,200°C

CARSEGAL ESPAGNE • Extra Galician Beef

AGE : min 6 years • FOOD : herbs & grains

We select the best Galician purebreds and raise them outdoors. The high marbling rate guarantees meat of exceptional quality.

Filet Steack 300g (12€/100g/3,5oz) 36€
Picanha 250g (9€/100g/3,5oz) 26€
Flank Steack 250g (9€/100g/3,5oz) 26€

Dry aged min 40 days

Steack 300g (10€/100g/3,5oz) 30€
Rib Steack 300g (14€/100g/3,5oz) 42€
Prime Rib of Beef 12€/100g/3,5oz


AGE : min 10 years • FOOD : herbs & grains

Regarded by meat lovers as the best quality meat breed in the world,
it is raised exclusively outdoors. Spanish meat remains extremely popular in the eyes of many people because of its flavour and its spectacular yellowy and sweet fat.

Fillet Steack (18€/100g/3,5oz) 54

Dry aged min 40 days

Sirloin Steack 300g (14€/100g/3,5oz) 42€
Rib Steack 300g (18€/100g/3,5oz) 54€
Prime Rib of Beef 16€/100g/3,5oz

Himalayan Salt-Aged Glenarm Shorthorn

AGE : 24 to 36 months • FOOD : herbs & grains

The best selection of Irish beef. With its dry-aged ripening in Himalayan salt chambers, this meat is considered to be one of the best in the world. Gold Medal in the 2016 World Steak Challenge and Supreme Great Taste Champion in 2016 and 2015.


Filet Steack 300g (16€/100g/3,5oz) 48€

Shorthorn Salt aged min 40 days

Sirloin Steack 300g (15€/100g/3,5oz) 45€
Rib Steack Heart 300g (18€/100g/3,5oz) 45€
Prime Rib of Beef 12,50€/100g/3,5oz
Porthouse  16€/100g/3,5oz
Tomahawk 14€/100g/3,5oz
Lamb Cutlets Salt Aged 10€/100g/3,5oz

Shorthorn Salt Aged Extra Matured 70+ days

Sirloin Steack 25€/100g/3,5oz
Rib Steack Heart 30€/100g/3,5oz
Rib Steack 20€/100g/3,5oz

Surf and Turf

Filet mignon of Galician Beef and Lobster 95€

Grilled Red Prawns 45€


Our Purees

Regular 7€

Pimientos du Padrón 10€

With Cheek 10€

Seasonal Truffle 10€

Melanosporum Truffle 15€

White Truffle SM

Blue Cheese and Nuts 9€

Beef Juice 8€

With Caviar 20€

Cinta Senese Delicatessen €/100g
Sur place / A emporter

Finocchiona di Cinta 10€/5€

Salami di Cinta 10€/5€

Di Grigio Wine Salami 12€/12€

Citrus Head Cheese 4€/4€

Capocollo di Cinta 12€/12€

Rigantino di Cinta 12€/12€

Bacon 8€/4€

Cheek 8€/4€

Home Cured Ham 12€/6€

24 Months Cured Ham 27€/14€

Grilled Padron Peppers 7€

Steamed Spinach 7€

Roasted Tomatoes 8€

Tomatoes and Red Onions 7€

Grilled Corn 6€

Gnocco Fritto 6€

Mixed or Green Salad 6€